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A tenant may not transfer within the first 6 months of their lease without prior, written authorization from SFrent or by paying a onetime charge of $250. After 6 months, resident of SFrent may request to transfer to another SFrent apartment at no cost. Typically, transfer request will be approved or denied within 48 hours of being submitted upon the condition that the transfer be mutually beneficial to the landlord and tenant. Please note all apartment applications are reviewed on a first come, first serve basis. Transfer request from SFrent tenants are not given priority over applications from new tenants. All Transfer requests are subject to SFrent approval.

Transfer Fees

  • First transfer after six months is free
  • Second within a year is $100
  • Third within a year is $200
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Please take note of the following:


Any unused rent and security deposit for current apartment will be transferred to new apartment. However, the new apartment may require a higher security deposit. Plan your move to minimize double rent. Rent is payable on the old apartment until it is finally vacated and all keys turned in. Rent at the new apartment starts on the lease start date, at which time you will receive keys.


A new one year lease will be required for the new unit, if you wish to sign a short term lease you may do so at the standard premium.


If you have been a tenant for longer than 6 months we will need you to re-submit your two most recent bank statements and two mst recent paystubs to be financially re-qualified. (No new application fee required)


If a co-signer is present on your current unit, new guarantor agreement must be completed for new unit


Make ready costs for the previous unit will be deducted from the Security Deposit on the new unit. After the deductions have been made you will receive a bill to make your Security Deposit current.

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