4 Steps to Move In


Set up the utilities

Call PG&E at (1-800-743-5000) to set up gas and electric service to your apartment.
Go to PGE.com


Pick up your keys

Contact your resident manager and schedule an appointment to receive your keys and complete a move in inspection.
Pick up your keys


Fill out a move-in Worksheet

Download and complete a move in inspection of your apartment with the resident manager.
Fill out a move-in Worksheet


Acquire your renter's insurance

Every SFrent tenant is required to have renters insurance. Contact a local agent for rates and details. Provide sfrent with a copy of your policy, agents name and contact info, policy start and expiration date. Remember to ask your agent to name as "additional insured": both "sfrent.net LLC" and your landlord (ie Building name, to which the rent is payable). This will not cost you extra. Then put in a tickler to remind yourself to renew your insurance when the term runs out, usually 6 months or a year.
Aquire your renter's insurance

Tenant Handbooks

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